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Bucks 4x4 has been serving the offroad community since 1966. As off-roaders ourselves, we have and continue to adapt to and meet our community's needs. From a complete mechanic shop to an extensive assortment of off-road accessories. We embrace our past while building the future. Bucks 4x4 has always been a family business and is now in its 3rd generation.

We take the knowledge of building top of the line 4x4 vehicles and combine that with our trained and experienced experts in gears, driveshafts, lifts, tires, wheels, and everything else it takes to build a rig that will get you all the way there and back. We take pride in every single vehicle we work on and take pride in our motto of BUCKS BUILT. Whether you are just looking for a few parts, or want a complete Moab- Ready Build, our family and crew is here for you.